TOPKAPI PALACE: Many lives, many stories and many secrets. This fabulous palace was administrative, educational and art center of Ottoman for almost 400 years. It was also the Imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans. Topkapi is a magnificent window into the past  and there is history and art at every turn. To understand the context of the thousands of years of history in that building, You can choose to join Ottoman Relics tour.

GRAND BAZAAR : One of the world’s most picturesque and enchanting bazaars. This great market place has displayed a significant role in the commercial life of Istanbul for centuries. Founded within the city walls by Fatih Sultan Mehmet immediately following the conquest of Istanbul. It expanded and sprawled becoming a centre of astonishing plenitude wealth and variety. Grand Bazaar is a small city in its own right, where you can find hand-woven fabrics, leather, carpets, rugs, jewels, antiques, spices, good books and good conversations with Turkish tea in small glasses. To be part of this amazing atmosphere you can join Ottoman Relics tour.

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