ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM:The museum was founded by Osman Hamdi Bey, an artist and archeologist in 1891. Housed in three buildings, its exhibits include ancient artefacts, classical statuary and an exhibition tracing Istanbul’s history. There are many highlights, but Sarcophagus of Alexander The Great and the world’s first peace agreement, etched on a terracotta table are particularly striking. The Archeological Museum was awarded the European Council of…

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OTTOMAN RELICS- Half Day Walking Tour

TOPKAPI PALACE: Many lives, many stories and many secrets. This fabulous palace was administrative, educational and art center of Ottoman for almost 400 years. It was also the Imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans. Topkapi is a magnificent window into the past  and there is history and art at every turn. To understand the context of the thousands of years of history in that building, You…

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ISTANBUL CLASSIC- Half Day Walking Tour

HAGIA SOPHIA :It is one of the most significant icons of Istanbul. In its long history this magnificent site has been respectively Byzantium’s largest cathedral, Ottoman’s protocol mosque and one of the most popular museum of Republic of Turkey. It attracts the interest of architects, engineers and art historian because of its unique structural system and size considering its nearly 1500 years age. You’ll have…

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BOSPHORUS TOURS: The Bosphorus, the 33 km strait that joins two seas and two continents, has been the subject of legend and art from time immemorial.  A striking feature of Bosphorus’s coast is lined with villas flirting with the sea each with a tale of its own. This romantic cruise along the Bosphorus will allow you to admire  palaces, fortresses, villas, historical buildings, pavilions, bridges…

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Istanbul lends itself to walking tours on a variety of themes and areas, so it’s impossible to list them all here! If there is anywhere else you would like to discover that is not listed here, please email me and ask.